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Trust,  Integrety,  Confidence,  Savings

Two reasons hundreds of foster care agencies refer their foster parents to is trust and confidence.  Agencies know that our Training Log program is an accurate, honest report documenting the fact that a foster parent has downloaded specific trainings.

Agencies also recognize how convenient it is for their foster parents to take their required training hours online.  And how much this saves the agency is training costs.

Our online training is accepted by most public and private agencies nationwide and internationally.  Before referring your foster parents to our site, please read our Disclaimer.

Judge for yourself! Apply for a free Professional Courtesy Membership.

* Professional Courtesy Memberships are not available to foster parents or group home staff.  This membership is for evaluation purposes only and may not be used for foster parent training.

The Advantages to Your Agency of Foster Parents Who Belong to

*       Accurate Online Tracking of Each Foster Parent’s Training! – Click Here

*       Accountability!  Individualized Training Certificate for Each Training Topic Lists 4 Things Your Foster Parent Learned, Plus Name, Date, & Training Hrs Earned – Click Here

*       Variety of Training Topics; New Training Added Monthly – Click Here

*       Free!  Professional Courtesy Agency Evaluation Membership!Click Here

  • Post Your Agency’s Training Online Through Our Site at No Charge!  Inquire Here.
  • Is Your Agency Using or Considering QPI Training – Quality Parenting Initiative?  Read This!

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