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Who we are: (FPT) is a membership-supported service.  This site evolved in 2000 from the need to make foster parent training more widely available and easily accessible.

Site Objective: To provide comprehensive, ongoing re-license training online for new and licensed foster parents.  To provide an unalterable, verifiable Online Training Log and Training Certificate for each training accessed by a foster parent member.

Each training topic is assigned the equivalent number of hour such training would be credited with when offered in a “Live Training” session.

In place of tests, foster parents are asked to list several things they learned from each training and how they might apply it to their work as foster parents.  Their response is included on the Training Certificate.

For States and Agencies: is a convenient, cost-effective alternative to live training for new and licensed foster parents.  Using cuts back on the time, and personnel required for training and recruitment. offers free placement of agency training programs & materials on our site.’s online training increases recruitment and helps retain foster parents.  Couples who otherwise find it difficult or impossible to take the required training together, welcome the convenience of online training accessibility.  This is particularly helpful for foster parents living in suburban and rural locations, far from foster care agency training facilities.

Existing foster families will find it easier to take their required yearly training online.  No arranging to have someone look after their foster kids (or having to bring them to training)! is affordable for your foster parents!  One yearly membership fee provides access to hundreds of hours of online training

Free Professional Courtesy Membership for Agency & License workers.  See what we offer at no cost to you! is ready, willing and able to work with all foster care agencies.  For further information about posting your agency’s training on our site, go to Contact Us in the Main Menu.

Use of Publicly Available Training Sources

Our training materials come from a variety of sources, many of which one could find on their own. 

The main advantages we offer foster parents are we can accurately assign the number of training hours to a particular training, and track your access to the training via our training log.

These two factors alone are the reason foster care agencies nationwide and overseas trust the integrity of our training program.

Our membership fee isn’t a charge to access publicly available training.  It’s a fee to validate and track a foster parent’s training to meet their annual re-license training requirements.

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