Mission Statement

Site Objective: To provide comprehensive, ongoing re-license training online for licensed foster parents.

FosterParentTraining.com utilizes many of the same resources used by agencies in their live training.  In addition, we also create our own training.

We use the same approach to our online training as we’ve used when presenting training in a live classroom setting.

The number of “training hours” assigned to any of our training courses is based on how long a specific training would take if offered in a live seminar setting.

While much of our training is accessible online from other sources, FosterParentTraining.com offers agencies and foster parents two advantages:  First, designate the number of hours a training topic is worth if offered in a seminar setting.  Second, provide an unalterable, verifiable Online Training Log and Training Certificate for each training accessed by a foster parent member.

Our training is offered on an honor basis, meaning the foster parent member is expected to have actually read, watched, and/or listened to the training offered.  

In place of tests, we require our foster parent members to list 4 or more things they have learned and/or can apply from each training.

After a foster parent has completed a training course, they receive a Certificate of Completion.  This certificate confirms the name of the training topic and date the foster parent member accessed the training.

After completing the training, we ask that the foster parent discuss what they have completed with their partner, caseworker, other foster parents, or professionals involved with the children and youth the parent fosters.

For over twenty years, this approach to training licensed foster parents has been successfully used by hundreds of foster care agencies.

We are proud to have earned the trust and respect of foster care agencies nationally and internationally for the variety of training offered, as well as the integrity and accuracy of our member’s training logs.

In addition to our training, FosterParentTraining.com welcomes any additional training resources an agency would like to offer online. 

We are always open training suggestions or recommendations from foster parents, agencies, educators, or other professionals.

Free Professional Courtesy Membership for Agency & License workers.  See what we offer at no cost to you!


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