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DISCLAIMER TERMS & CONDITIONS:  While makes every effort to keep its download log up to date, is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any training download log information. Foster parents are urged to print out and keep a separate record of all the training topics they download from or read on this site.

Quizzes:  Not all training topics have a quizzes/tests.  Your Training Log does not record your test scores.   Tests & quizzes are for training purposes only.  No record or score is kept.

In place of tests and quizzes, we ask you to list 4 things on your Training Certificate you have learned from a particular Training Topic.

Training requirements vary by agency. is not responsible for determining what online training satisfies individual agency training requirements. Your foster care licensing agency is responsible for giving you credit. The Training Log simply shows that you downloaded the training from our site. The number of hours listed for each lesson are what is generally accepted by foster care agencies for training in that particular subject based on the material presented in a live training. The actual number of hours credit you receive from your licensing agency for training taken on our site may vary from the number of hours indicated in your Training Log.

Not responsible for lost Training Log data. Always keep a separate record & printout of any training you download from our site!

Agency Training Acceptance: It is the responsibility of the foster parent before joining and/or taking our training to determine if our training will satisfy the training requirement of your particular agency, county, province, or state for re-licensing purposes.

Refund Policy:  No refunds after completing Membership Password Registration or Enrollment Sign In.

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