Click Here for Training – (Will Open in a New Browser Window)

Follow these Directions to access our training and to create your personal Training Log.

After clicking the above link for Training, a YELLOW page will appear listing the Training Topics.

Select a Training Topic by clicking on the circle to the left of the Training Topic title.

Scroll to the Bottom of the page.

Enter your Name and Email address.  (Be consistent!  Use the same, exact name & spelling, and email address EVERY time you download a Training Topic.  This is the name & email address our program uses for your Training Log.  Joy Doe and J. Doe are not the same!  They would be 2 different Training Logs!!)


A second yellow page appears with the heading:
Download Confirmation

It will display the Training Topic title and summary you selected on the previous page.

Scroll to the bottom, and press CONFIRM REGISTRATION.

(When you CONFIRM REGISTRATION, the program records the Training Topic title, Date, and Time into your Training Log.)
After pressing CONFIRM REGISTRATION, a third yellow page will appear saying “Registration Accepted” AND have a link further down the page that reads “[DOWNLOAD]”.
Click on [DOWNLOAD].
This takes you to a page with a White background containing the link to the Training Topic you chose.
NOTE:  Problems?  Be sure the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser displays a Green Padlock and reads “https”.  If the “s” is missing, simply add it and press enter.
Still having Problems?  File a Help Request.
  • The First Eight Years – [2 Hrs Training Credit]
  •  Mandated  Reporter  Certificate  [6-Hrs Training Credit]  Foster Parents are Mandated (Required by Law!) to Report Suspected Child Abuse.    
  • 10-Hrs Training Credit:  FEMA Emergency Preparedness Training
  • 2013 Federal Mandate Requires Annual Credit Report for All Youth 16 & Older in Foster Care.   [4 Hrs Training Credit]
  • E-Learning Modules:
    • Adolescent Development [ 1Hr Training Credit]
    • Fatherhood [ 1 Hr Training Credit]
    • Talking with Teens About Reproductive Health [ 30 Mins Training Credit]

Click Here for Training – (Will Open in a New Browser Window)