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The Parent Project ®
“Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior”

The Parent Project
Suggested for Adolescents Ages 11 – 18

30-Hours Training Credit!

$36.00 = Includes Shipping & Handling*

(Only one Parent Project Manual required for couples.)
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 For Younger Children (Ages 5 – 11),
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Here’s what one foster parent said about The Parent Project ® training:

“The most effective training I ever had in my 20 years as a foster parent!  Wish our agency had offered it.  Any foster parent of adolescents will benefit from taking The Parent Project ® training.”

Therapeutic Foster Parent, Nevada

The Parent Project ® Delivers Results!

  • Prevent (or stop) children from using alcohol, other drugs and tobacco.
  • Stop parent-child arguments forever!
  • Improve children’s grades and school attendance.
  • Recognize and prevent gang involvement.
  • Learn how to “out-will” a strong-willed child
  • Network with other Parent Project foster parents online for mutual support.

Through an arrangement with The Parent Project ® authors, we are proud to offer this ten-week, 30-hour training course online exclusively to members.

The Parent Project ® training is intended for foster parents of teens whose behavior requires effective prevention, intervention and support techniques.

[ It is suggested foster parents inform the child’s caseworker and therapist before applying any of the The Parent Project exercises.  It’s always best to keep everyone involved with the foster child “in the loop” as far as applying any behavior modification techniques.]

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Normally, the Parent Project ® is offered in live, local community classes.  However, because members are an online community, we can offer the same training and support. This training is not offered on any other web site.

The Parent Project ® is separate from the rest of the training offered on this site. You must be a member of to take The Parent Project ® training on this site.

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There is an additional fee of $36.00 including S & H for the required Parent Project ® Manual.  Only one Parent Project ® Manual is required for couples.

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