Loving Solutions

Loving Solutions ®: A Parent's Guide to Raising Tough Kids ages 5 - 10 years

Suggested for Tough Kids Ages 5 – 10

14-Hours Training Credit!

$33.99 = Includes Shipping & Handling*

From the authors of The Parent Project ® comes

Parent Project Jr. – Loving Solutions ®:
A Parent’s Guide to Raising Tough Kids ages 5 – 10 years

 14 Hours Training Credit

$33.99 = Includes Shipping & Handling * (Only one Loving Solutions Manual required for couples.)
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For Older Children & Adolescents (Ages 12 – 18), Click Here to See “The Parent Project ®“

Loving Solutions is a guide for parents with difficult younger children, ages five to ten. Also known as “Parent Project®, Jr.,” this program utilizes the same principles found successful in Parent Project® Sr., adapted to the needs of younger children. Loving Solutions ® provides guidelines for parents to determine when they need a “rule,” what issues are negotiable, when parents can negotiate with children, how to use time-outs properly to gain substantial behavior change, how to get children to cooperate with household chores, to get along better with siblings, and improve school success.

Like Parent Project® Sr., Loving Solutions ® is designed with group learning activities in a workbook format for maximum learning and interest. Parents move through seven weekly units, strategically arranged to initially address easier issues and provide early success. As parents gain skill and confidence, the curriculum moves to the more difficult issues.

Loving Solutions ® also addresses the needs of children with Attention Deficit Disorder. This chapter in the workbook provides a brief but informative introduction and overview of the field, to guide parents through this immense subject. Parents who suspect that their child displays these symptoms, as well as parents who have a child already diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, will find this information helpful. Parents are guided through finding appropriate professional help, informed as to how diagnoses are established by professionals, what treatments are available, educated on how to best work with their health insurance, and provided tips on better managing special needs children in the home.

Through an arrangement with the authors of Loving Solutions and The Parent Project, we are proud to offer this seven-week, 14-hour training course online exclusively to FosterParentTraining.com members.

Loving Solutions training is intended for foster parents of children ages 5 to 10.

Normally, Loving Solutions is offered in live, local community classes.  However, because FosterParentTraining.com is an oline community, we can offer the same training and support.  This training is not offered on any other web site!

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Loving Solutions is independent of the other training offered on this site.  There is an additional fee of $33.99 including S&H for the required Loving Solutions ® Workbook & online training .  Only one Loving Solutions Workbook is required for couples.

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