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Having problems downloading training?  Due to improved web site security, older browsers may not display a Training Topic selection after you press “Submit”.  To correct this, after the yellow Training Topic page displays, be sure the URL at the top of your browser window reads as follows:

It should also display a Green Padlock symbol along with the word “Secure“.

If the “s” is missing after the “http”, hold the cursor between the “p” and the colon, and type in “s”.  Then move the cursor to the end of the URL and press enter.  This should correct the problem. 

If you Google, and link to our site through Google, that can help correct the “https” problem.

If not, submit a Help Request.

1.  In the Menu at the Top of the Home Page, click on “TRAINING LOGIN“.

2.  Enter your Username & Password.

(Exact spelling is required of Usernames & Passwords. Use upper case (CAPITAL) letters where there are upper case letters and lower case where there are lower case letters. For instance, the password “JUDY” is not the same as the password “judy”.) 
Type in your Username & Password EXACTLY. NOTE: If your Username and/or Password contain numbers, make sure your keyboard’s “NUM Lock” key is turned ON! Don’t accidentally add spaces when entering your Username or Password.

3.  Scroll down the “Files to Download” page which lists all the training on our site.

4.  Select a training by clicking on the “circle” next to the Training Title. (You can only select and download one Training Topic at a time.)

5.  Scroll down to the bottom of the yellow page, enter your name and email address, and press “Submit”. 

NOTE:  ALWAYS type in your Name and Email Address THE SAME WAY when downloading a training topic.  Your Training Log is kept under that name and email address.  As far as our Training Log program is concerned, “John Doe” and “JDoe” are not the same.  They are two separate names and thus two separate Training Logs.

6.  The next page will ask you to “Confirm” the Training Topic Title you have selected to download.

7.  As soon as you press the “CONFIRM REGISTRATION” button, you will be asked for your Username & Password.
Please note: Attempting to download files from our site may be prevented by some “firewall” programs, particularly if your are using an office or government computer. Firewalls and some browsers need to be re-set to allow file downloads. Please consult the documentation or help file with your particular browser or firewall program. 


After you’ve downloaded a training program, read it and completed it, click on “Training Log” in the Quick Menu to download and print your Training Log. You can click on “Training Log” at anytime to download and print-out a log of all your training. 


When you have your Training Log, you can then click on “Training Certificate” in the Quick Menu to create and print out a Training Certificate for each of the training topics you’ve downloaded. 

In place of tests, we ask you to list four things you have learned about a particular training topic.  The answers you give will be printed on your Training Certificate.

SAVING & PRINTING ADOBE FILES: To save an Adobe PDF file, DO NOT CLICK ON “File/Save” 
in your browser’s toolbar at the top of the screen.
Acrobat Reader has it’s own screen and toolbar within your browser’s window. 

The Adobe toolbar is just below your browser’s toolbar. To save an Adobe file, click on the image of the diskette located in the Acrobat Reader toolbar. 
PRINTING ADOBE FILES: Just click on the printer image in the Adobe toolbar. 
IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT THE TRAINING LOG: Training Log data is indexed by NAME & Email Address. For instance, if you download twice, once with “My Name” and ” [email protected]“, then again with “M. Name” and the same email address, you will have created two separate Training Logs. In other words, be consistent. 
Use the same name and email address every time you download the training. 

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