Teen sexter convicted for child porn

Something else we need to caution our children & youth about regarding inappropriate use of their cell phones.  See our other post:  Sexting: An open letter from parents to teenagers

From the BBC, 13 Jan, 2014:

“A teenager in Canada has been found guilty of possessing and disseminating child pornography after sending text messages containing naked images of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.”

Read the story here.


FPT Fast-Connect APP Icon for Your Smartphone


Smartphone App Connect Icons are the handy symbols you click on that take you directly to an Application (or “APP”) or web site without having to open a browser, search for a web site name, or type in a URL (like http://www.FosterParentTraining.com).

You can “create” your own FosterParentTraining.com short-cut App Icon on your smartphone.

This should work with most smartphones and browsers.

1.  Open a browser on your smartphone.

2.  Type in http://www. FosterParentTraining.com or search for FosterParentTraining.com and click on the link so our Home page appears on your browser screen.

3.  When our Home Page appears, click on your phone’s Menu Key.  On many phones, this is located at the bottom right corner of your phone, below the screen.

4.  Click on “Bookmark This Page”.

5.  Under “Options”, click on “Save to Home Page”.

6.  You should now have an app type icon similar to the FPT icon that displays in your browser tab when you connect to our site.

For a YouTube video demonstration of the above instructions, Click Here.  This video is for an Apple phone but it also works with an Android phone.


Gun Violence: Saving Young Lives – “It’s Not Rocket Science”

Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund, writes a weekly column entitled “Child Watch”.  Her column also appears each week in The Huffington Post.

In a recent posting, Mrs. Edelman proposes how treating gun violence scientifically like a health epidemic can overcome many of the obstacles and objections.

This is how the epidemic of teen deaths in the 1960’s from auto accidents was addressed, saving an estimated 325,000 lives over a 35 year period.

Read Mrs. Edelman’s column “Its Not Rocket Science” here.

ADDITIONAL FOOD FOR THOUGHT:   Youth & Child Deaths from Gun Violence vs Worldwide Deaths form H5N1 Avian “Bird Flu”.

  • In 2010 alone, 2,694 children & teens died from gun violence in the USA.
  • In July 2013 the WHO (World Heath Organization) announced a total of 630 confirmed human cases of “Bird Flu” – WORLDWIDE – which resulted in the deaths of 375 people since 2003.
  • Since 2003, millions of people were immunized against “Bird Flu”.
  • Between 2003 and 2013, no meaningful attempts were made to “immunize” children & youth from gun violence and death.


Your Input Wanted: Respite Care

Are you a Respite provider for other foster parents? Have you used Respite Care?

If you answered yes, we’d like your input so we can design a one-hour Respite Care Training module.

For instance, what kind of information would you like a fellow foster parent to provide if you were offering Respite Care for one or more of their foster placements?

To share your thoughts, comments, experience, and suggestions regarding Respite Foster Care, click here. Put “Respite Care” in the Subject.

Members, non-members, case workers, clinicians, and agency supervisors are welcome to contribute to this project.


Sexting & Cyber Blackmail = Child Abuse

Sexting.  If you’re not familiar with the word and what it is, you should be!

Wikepedia defines  Sexting as the act of sending sexually explicit messages and/or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.

And while most of us are aware of the problem of  “Cyber” or online bullying via Facebook and other social media sites, a new form of child abuse is beginning to arise:


This form of child abuse is just beginning to come to light in both the USA and in the United Kingdom.

Check out this article from the BBC by clicking on the article title:

Cyber-blackmailers ‘abusing hundreds of UK children’

FosterParentTraining.com is in the process of preparing a new Training Topic dealing with the growing problem of  Sexting & Cyber Bullying.

*  *  *

NEW 10 Hr TRAINING: Emergency Preparedness

Foster parent members can now take the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training online and receive 10 Hours Training Credit.

Your 10-Hr FosterParentTraining.com Training Certificate is conditional upon completing the FEMA Final Exam.

To take this training, select FEMA: Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness from the Training Download Topic list.

FosterParentTraining.com Membership Required!



NEW TRAINING! Drug Treatment

New Training Topic!

Clean – A critical look at the nation’s approach to drug treatment [ .75 Hr ]

A Father Tells The Story Of His Son’s Struggle To Stay ‘Clean’.

Natonal Public Radio’s Terry Gross interviews author David Sheff.

“The view that drug use is a moral choice is pervasive, pernicious and wrong,” writes David Sheff in Clean, a critical look at the nation’s approach to drug treatment. Sheff argues that we should not wait for “rock bottom” — that addiction should be treated promptly, just like any other disease.

The interview is online and lasts 34 mins.   Members receive three-quaters of an hour training credit.


NEW TRAINING! Teaching Skills

New Training Topic!
Back to School: Teaching “non-cognitive skills” = 1 Hr Training Credit

This informative one-hour training is an audio broadcast from This American Life and focuses on the  emerging importance of  “non-cognitive skills” in public education.  Qualities like tenacity, resilience, impulse control.

This training is listed in the list of topics available when you click on TRAINING LOGIN in the Menu at the top of the page.