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An Important Video Message From
The Children’s Defense Fund

Watch and share this video with all your children, other families, and foster parents.
It’s less than 2 mins long and could save a life!

“Get Home Safely: 10 Rules of Survival If Stopped by the Police” provides critical information to help Black parents and every member of the community help stop the killing of Black children. We must talk to our children. We must show them this video. We must post these ten rules for survival everywhere.

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BREAKING NEWS!  2014 KIDS COUNT: Nevada Comes In 7th out of 50! (From the Bottom!)  See Our Blog Post Here.

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  • The First Eight Years – [2 Hrs Training Credit]
  •  Mandated  Reporter  Certificate  [6-Hrs Training Credit]  Foster Parents are Mandated (Required by Law!) to Report Suspected Child Abuse.     (See “Training Topics Offered” or “TRAINING LOGIN” in Menu above.)
  • 30-Hrs Training Credit:  Parent Project®:  “Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior”
  • 14-Hrs Training Credit:  Loving Solutions® :  “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Tough Kids ages 5 – 10 years”
  • 10-Hrs Training Credit:  FEMA Emergency Preparedness Training – (See Blog for Details)
  • 2013 Federal Mandate Requires Annual Credit Report for All Youth 16 & Older in Foster Care. See “Youth & Credit” in Training Topics.  [4 Hrs Training Credit]
  • E-Learning Modules:
    • Adolescent Development [ 1Hr Training Credit]
    • Fatherhood [ 1 Hr Training Credit]
    • Talking with Teens About Reproductive Health [ 30 Mins Training Credit]

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  The Parent Project®
“Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior”
30-Training Hours
Suggested for Adolescents Ages 11 – 18


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Therapeutic Foster Parent, Nevada

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 Also From the authors of The Parent Project®
Loving Solutions®

“A Parent’s Guide to Raising Tough Kids ages 5 – 10 years”
14-Training Hours
Suggested for Tough Kids Ages 5 – 10


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