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*       The Parent Project® – “Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior” – 30 Training Hrs. The most effective training I ever had in my 20 years as a foster parent! Therapeutic Foster Parent, Nevada

      Loving Solutions® –  “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Tough Kids Ages 4 to 10 Yrs” – 14 Training Hrs

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  • The First Eight Years – [2 Hrs Training Credit]
  •  Mandated  Reporter  Certificate  [6-Hrs Training Credit]  Foster Parents are Mandated (Required by Law!) to Report Suspected Child Abuse.     (See “Training Topics Offered” or “TRAINING LOGIN” in Menu above.)
  • 30-Hrs Training Credit:  Parent Project®:  “Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior”
  • 14-Hrs Training Credit:  Loving Solutions® :  “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Tough Kids ages 5 – 10 years”
  • 10-Hrs Training Credit:  FEMA Emergency Preparedness Training – (See Blog for Details)
  • 2013 Federal Mandate Requires Annual Credit Report for All Youth 16 & Older in Foster Care. See “Youth & Credit” in Training Topics.  [4 Hrs Training Credit]
  • E-Learning Modules:
    • Adolescent Development [ 1Hr Training Credit]
    • Fatherhood [ 1 Hr Training Credit]
    • Talking with Teens About Reproductive Health [ 30 Mins Training Credit]

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  The Parent Project®
“Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior”
30-Training Hours
Suggested for Adolescents Ages 11 – 18


Here’s what one foster parent said about The Parent Project® training:

“The most effective training I ever had in my 20 years as a foster parent!  Wish our agency had offered it.  Any foster parent of adolescents will benefit from taking The Parent Project® training.”

Therapeutic Foster Parent, Nevada

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 Also From the authors of The Parent Project®
Loving Solutions®

“A Parent’s Guide to Raising Tough Kids ages 5 – 10 years”
14-Training Hours
Suggested for Tough Kids Ages 5 – 10


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