Why FosterParentTraining.com is better than Quality Parenting Initiative:

I. Scores or Answers: What tells you more?

As an agency, you want to know how effective the training is your foster parents receive. How will they apply it to their foster parenting skills?

The only training indicator QPI offers you are passing “scores”.  A score of 80% tells you nothing!

FPT members provide you with “answers” as to how a particular training applies to their foster parenting.

Before printing their Training Certificate, we ask each member to list 4 things they learned from that particular training and how it will apply to their foster parenting. This is the same format we’ve successfully used in “live” foster care training seminars for over 20 years.  And it works!

What tells you more about a foster parent in evaluating them for re-licensing? A “score” or “answers”?

II. According to QPI’s Own FAQ, Spouses/Partners Who Don’t Register, Aren’t Tested But Still Receive a Training Certificate!

From QPI’s FAQ: “3. What if my spouse and I are attending the training online from our home and we both need certificates for a webcast training? Only one of us preregistered.

“If you are watching from home with another person who needs a certificate, after the training please send an e-mail to us at [email protected] Please provide us with the name of the webcast, the person’s first and last name, the e-mail address where the additional certificate should be sent, and identify the name/e-mail address of the person who pre-registered or signed in to the webcast. We will e-mail your certificates within a day or 2 of receiving your request.”

III. FPT Keeps an Online Training Log of All Training the Foster Parent Takes

A.  No Training Log!  QPI doesn’t keep a Training Log.  As stated in QPI’s FAQ, “After passing the test you must SAVE and PRINT the results page. That page serves as your certificate and proof of passing the test. Note: For this reason, do not take the post test on a computer that is not connected to a printer.

B.  QPI’s Training Only Accessible from PC’s Attached to Printers!  This inconveniently prevents foster parents from taking QPI’s training on their phone or tablet.

IV. ALL FosterParentTraining.com training is saved online and immediately available!

A foster parent or agency can access the foster parent’s Training Log and print out their Training Certificate any time, from any online device connected to a printer.

QPI takes 2 days to email training certificates!

V. Foster parents who pay for their training, take it more seriously.

QPI is offered is subsidised by state, provincial, and county family services, and offered to foster parents at no charge.

Because foster parents pay a small yearly membership fee to access over 250 hours of training on FosterParentTraining.com, they take their training seriously.

Many of the training topics and other segments of our site have come about from foster parent member suggestions and requests.

VI.  FosterParentTraining.com will host and stream your state, provincial, or county training for free!

VII.  Your agency can still use FosterParentTraining.com!

Even if your state, county, or provincial licensing agency requires foster parents to take QPI provided training, agencies still have the right to mandate whatever additional training they choose.

VIII.  Offer your foster parents Half-Off Memberships! 

Agencies in states, provinces, or counties using QPI can qualify to offer their foster parents Half-Off FosterParentTraining.com memberships!  For details, Click Here!