Of Interest to Foster Parents


A common topic for discussion among foster care providers is the lack of government funding and the low rates paid foster parents.

Too often, we just complain and that’s it.

Most of us probably have little interest in politics. But if you want change to happen for the better, you have to advocate for improvements with your legislative representatives.

Effective advocacy takes work but the payoff can be great.

In the near future, we will be offering an Effective Advocacy for Foster Care Training Topic as well as access to a professional advocate consultant.

In the meantime, take any opportunity you have to “button hole” your legislative representatives at all levels to advocate for more support for foster parents and the children in their care.

Here are a few points to advocate for:

  • Increased reimbursement to foster parents
  • More caseworkers
  • Medicaid coverage for foster children’s dental care
  • Better access to psychiatric & psychological services, particularly in rural areas
  • Recognition of foster parents as professionals for the 24-7 work we do

Effective advocacy begins with you and all foster parents making our voices heard.  The more of us who speak out, the more likely improvements will happen.

What would you like to advocate for regarding foster care?  Use our contact link in our site menu to tell us.