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In this time of budget cutbacks in foster care funding, your agency can help foster parents save on the cost of a FosterParentTraining.com membership.  And at the same time, you can save on the costs of training by relying on our site to supplement much of the training you do in-house.  This will free up staff, and help your foster parents to meet their annual re-licensing training requirements without the hassle of getting someone to watch the kids, or getting both foster parents to attend at the same time.

Your foster parents can obtain Half Off the regular FosterParentTraining.com membership rates at no cost to your agency.

Simply complete the information below and we will email a coupon code to you which you email to all your foster parents.  When they join FosterParentsTraining.com, all they have to do is enter the code and they will receive an immediate 50% discount off either the Single One-year Membership of $18.00 or the Couple One-year Membership of $36.00.

Unless your agency reimburses foster parents for their membership fee, this offer doesn’t cost your agency a penny and you’re saving your foster parents up to $20 off the cost of a one-year FosterParentTraining.com membership!

If you’re not familiar with FosterParentTraining.com, you can apply for a no-cost Professional Courtesy Site Evaluation Membership here.

Each Training Topic is assigned a certain number of training hours.  These hours are equivalent to how long the same training would be if offered in a live training setting.

Since 2000, FosterParentTraining.com has become the Number 1 site  providing online re-licensing training to over twenty-thousand foster parents in the United States and internationally.  Hundreds of public & private foster care agencies rely on the integrity of our training documentation and relevance of our training to supplement their in-house training.

Adding our training to your training program can save your agency money and free up limited staff & time resources.

Through our Half Off Agency Discount, your foster parents can take advantage of our training at half off the regular one-year membership rate of $18.00 for a Single Membership or $36.00 for a Couple Membership.

Simply complete and submit the form below to save your foster parents money & time!


Complete this form to qualify your foster parents for Half-Off our regular foster parent membership rates.

You will receive a reply with your Discount Coupon Code within 1 to 2 business days.

Note: This offer is available only to qualified foster care agencies and not to individual foster parents. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Half-Off applies only to New Member rates and not to Renewal rates.

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